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Theoderic and the Roman imperial restoration /

"This book provides a new interpretation of the fall of the Roman Empire and the "barbarian" kingdom known conventionally as Ostrogothic Italy. Relying primarily on Italian textual and material evidence, and in particular the works of Cassiodorus and Ennodius, Jonathan J. Arnold argue...

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Основен автор: Arnold, Jonathan J., 1980-
Формат: Книга
Език: English
Публикувано: New York, NY USA : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
  • Part I. An Empire Turned Upside-Down
  • 1. Ennodius the Ligurian
  • 2. Cassiodorus the Calabrian
  • Part II. Emperor Theoderic
  • 3. Princeps romanus
  • 4. The Imperial image
  • Part III. Italo-Romans and Roman Goths
  • 5. Men of Mars
  • 6. Rex genitus, vir inlustris
  • Part IV. Italia Felix
  • 7. Italy revived
  • 8. Rome rejuvenated
  • Part V. Renovatio Imperii
  • 9. Becoming post-Roman
  • 10. Gallia felix
  • Epilogue.