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The distaff side : representing the female in Homer's Odyssey /

Format: Book
Language: English
Published: New York : Oxford University Press, 1995.
Table of Contents:
  • Odyssey, history, and women / A. J. Graham
  • Female representations and interpreting the Odyssey / Seth L. Schein
  • Between Skylla and Penelope : female characters of the Odyssey in Archaic and Classical Greek Art / Diana Buitron-Oliver and Beth Cohen
  • Plan of Athena / Sheila Murnaghan
  • Sirens, muses and female narrators in the Odyssey / Lillian Eileen Doherty
  • Penelope as moral agent / Helene P. Foley
  • Figuring fidelity in Homer's Odyssey / Froma I. Zeitlin
  • Coming of age in Phaiakia : the meeting of Odysseus and Nausikaa / H.A. Shapiro
  • Kirke's men : swine and sweethearts / Richard Brilliant
  • Femmes fatales : Skylla and the Sirens in Greek Art / Jennifer Neils
  • Intimate act of footwashing : Odyssey / Christine Mitchell Havelock.