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Chernata kniga na komunizma : prestupleniia, teror i represii /

Other Authors: Courtois, Stephane, 1947-, Kurtoa, Stefan 1947-
Format: Book
Language: Bulgarian
Published: Sofiia : Prozorets, 1997.
Online Access: Table of Contents in English
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : The crimes of communism / Stephane Courtois
  • pt. 1. A state against its people : violence, repression, and terror in the Soviet Union / Nicholas Werth. Paradoxes and misunderstandings surrounding the October Revolution ; The iron fist of the dictatorship of the Proletariat ; The red terror ; The dirty war ; From Tambov to the Great Famine ; From the truce to the great turning point ; Forced collectivization and dekulakization ; The great famine ; Socially foreign elements and the cycles of repression ; The Great Terror (1936-1938) ; The empire of the camps ; The other side of victory ; Apogee and crisis in the Gulag system ; The last conspiracy ; The exit from Stalinism ; Conclusion
  • pt. 2. Word revolution, civil war, and terror / Stephane Courtois, Jean-Louis Panne, and Rene Kauffer. The Comintern in action / Stephane Courtois and Jean-Louis Panne ; The shadow of the NKVD in Spain / Stephane Courtois and Jean-Louis Panne ; Communism and terrorism / Remi Kauffer
  • pt. 3. The other Europe : victim of communism / Andrzei Pachkovski and Karel Bartochek. Poland, the "enemy nation" / Andrzei Pachkovski ; Central and Southeastern Europe / Karel Bartochek
  • pt. 4. Communism in Asia : between reeducation and massacre / Zhan-Lui Margolen and Pier Rigulo. Introduction ; China : a long march into night / Jean-Louis Margolin ; Crimes, terror, and secrecy in North Korea / Pier Rigulo ; Vietnam and Laos : the impasse of war communism ; Cambodia : the country of disconcerting crimes / Zan-Lui Margolen ; Conclusion ; Select bibliography for Asia
  • pt. 5. The Third World / Pascal Fonten, Iv Santamaria, and Sylven Buluk. Communism in Latin America / Pascal Fonten ; Afrocommunism : Ethiopia, Angola, and Mozambique / Iv Santamaria
  • Communism in Afghanistan / Silven Buluk ; Conclusion / Stephane Courtois.