Table of Contents:
  • 1. The Unwritten Organization. The Unwritten Rules. The Power of Networks. People of Color as Perceived Threats. What Can Be Done? Ideas for Improving Treatment of Students of Color. Ideas for Improving Treatment of Faculty of Color
  • 2. What Did You Say You Were? Am I a Racist? Racism and Self-Identity for Whites. Racism and Self-Identity for People of Color. The Myths and Realities of Racism. What Can Be Done?
  • 3. Communication, Communication, Communication! Communication: Racial Dividers and Connectors. Why Race and Power Matter
  • 4. Dealing With Conflict and Diversity in the Academic Community. The Purpose of Education. Issues of Access and Affirmative Action. Freedom of Speech: Fighting Words. Ethnic Studies and Multicultural Education
  • 5. Toward New Racial and Cultural Boundaries in the Academy. Communities of Interest Defined. Redefining Communities of Interests. Models of Success.