Table of Contents:
  • ""CONTENTS""; ""FOREWORD""; ""PREFACE""; ""1 Plautus and the Deconstruction of Menander""; ""2 si amicus Diphilo aut Philemoni es: Plautus' Exploitation of Other Writers and Features of the Greek Comic Tradition""; ""3 Plautus' Plotting: The Lover Upstaged""; ""4 Heroic Badness (malitia): Plautus' Characters and Themes""; ""5 Words, Numbers, Movement: Plautus' Mastery of Comic Language, Metre, and Staging""; ""6 Plautus and His Audience: The Roman Connection""; ""NOTES""; ""BIBLIOGRAPHY""; ""INDEX""; ""A""; ""B""; ""C""; ""D""; ""E""; ""F""; ""G""; ""H""; ""I""; ""K""; ""L""; ""M""; ""N""
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