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The Odyssey /

Main Author: Homer.
Other Authors: Fagles, Robert, (transl.), Knox, Bernard
Format: Book
Language: English
Ancient Greek
Published: New York : Viking, 1996.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Spelling and pronunciation of Homeric names
  • Maps: Homeric geography : Mainland Greece
  • Peloponnese
  • Aegean and Asia Minor
  • Inset: Troy and vicinity
  • Homer: Odyssey : Athena inspires the prince
  • Telemachus sets sail
  • King Nestor remembers
  • King and queen of Sparta
  • Odysseus- Nymph and shipwreck
  • Princess and the stranger
  • Phaeacia's halls and gardens
  • Day for songs and contests
  • In the one-eyed giant's cave
  • Bewitching queen of Aeaea
  • Kingdom of the dead
  • Cattle of the sun
  • Ithaca at last
  • Loyal swineherd
  • Prince sets sail for home
  • Father and son
  • Stranger at the gates
  • Beggar-king of Ithaca
  • Penelope and her guest
  • Portents gather
  • Odysseus strings his bow
  • Slaughter in the hall
  • Great rooted bed
  • Peace.