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Crossroads and boundaries : the archaeology of past and present in the Malloura Valley, Cyprus /

Other Authors: Toumazou, Michael K., Kardulias, P. Nick., Counts, Derek B.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: Boston : American Schools of Oriental Research, 2011.
Series: The annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research ; v 65
Table of Contents:
  • Research by design : an integrated approach to culture contact in the Malloura Valley / P.N. Kardulias, D.B. Counts, and M.K. Toumazou
  • Environmental context of the Athienou archaeological project / R.W. Yerkes
  • The historical background : regional chronology and local history / J.M. Gordon, P.N. Kardulias, and M.K. Toumazou
  • A history of archaeological activity in the Athienou region / D.B. Counts
  • Mapping Malloura : a carto-historical survey from the early modern period to the present / D.B. Counts and J.A. Parvis
  • Excavations at Malloura (1990-2010) : context, methods, and results / M.K. Toumazou and D.B. Counts
  • The Malloura Valley survey / P.N. Kardulias and R.W. Yerkes
  • Flaked stone artifacts from the Malloura Valley survey and their Cypriot context / P.N. Kardulias and R.W. Yerkes
  • Pots for goods and for the gods : the Iron Age ceramics from the Malloura sanctuary / S. Fourrier
  • The ritual context of the Malloura terracotta figurines / E.W. Averett
  • Local style and regional trends in Cypriot limestone sculpture : the Athienou school / D.B. Counts
  • Cypriot pan at the crossroads in late classical and hellenistic Cyprus : the evidence from Athienou-Malloura / C.M. Cofer
  • Writing from unknown hands : a selection of inscriptions from Athienou-Malloura / E. Cova
  • Lux aeterna : the terracotta lamps from the hellenistic and Roman Tombs at Athienou-Maara Tepei / J.M. Gordon.
  • Athienou archaeological project survey pottery / R.S. Moore and T.E. Gregory
  • Textile production at Athienou-Malloura? : the case for the processing of flax in the Venetian period / M. DeMasi
  • Agroindustrial installations in the Malloura Valley / M. Spigelman
  • Faunal remains from Athienou-Malloura / D.S. Reese
  • Burial treatment based on kinship? : the Hellenistic, Roman and Venetian period tombs in the Malloura Valley / N.K. Harper and T.A. Tung
  • Trade or trousseau : skeletal evidence for spinning and weaving in medieval Athienou-Malloura / N.K. Harper
  • Geophysical investigations at Athienou-Malloura / A. Sarris
  • Viewing the digital landscape : the use of GIS in the Malloura Valley survey / D. Massey and P.N. Kardulias
  • Exploring sacred space : GIS applications for analyzing the Athienou-Malloura sanctuary / N.G. Blackwell and J.A. Johnson
  • The chemistry of Malloura : adventures in anthrosol analysis / R. Beeston
  • Site conservation and planning for Athienou-Malloura / M. Breuker and R. Breuker
  • Viewing the past through the present : ethnoarchaeological studies of population and ancient agriculture / R.W. Yerkes
  • Archaeology and the structure of community relations in Athienou / P.N. Kardulias, M.K. Toumazou, and D.B. Counts
  • Conclusion / P.N. Kardulias, D.B. Counts, and M.K. Toumazou
  • Chronological chart.