Table of Contents:
  • Dreiser's career. "True Art Speaks Plainly"; Theodore Dreiser and the Late Nineteenth-Century Debate over Realism and Naturalism; "The Logic of My Life and Work": Another Look at Dreiser's July 20, 1945 Letter to William Z. Foster; Dreiser and the Jews
  • Dreiser and American Naturalism. American Literary Naturalism: The Example of Dreiser; Dreiser and the Naturalistic Drama of Consciousness; American Literary Naturalism in Its "Perfected" State: An American Tragedy and The Age of Innocence; The Problem of American Literary Naturalism and Dreiser's Sister Carrie; Late Nineteenth Century American Literary Naturalism: A Re-Introduction
  • Dreiser's Works: Theodore Dreiser's "Nigger Jeff": The Development of an Aesthetic; Toward Sister Carrie: The Sources and Nature of Dreiser's Narrative Method; Introduction to New Essays on "Sister Carrie"; An Evolutionary Reading of Sister Carrie; The Text of Sister Carrie; Introduction to Jennie Gerhardt; Otto Weininger and the Sexual Dynamics of Theodore Dreiser's The "Genius"; Crime and Punishment in Dreiser's An American Tragedy: The Legal Debate.