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Eastern Mediterranean metallurgy and metalwork in the second millennium BC a conference in honour of James D. Muhly : Nicosia, 10th-11th October 2009 /

"Contains twenty-three papers on Cypriot and Mediterranean archaeology that compare and contrast the material culture associated with metallurgical workshops, as well as discussing technological issues and their cultural and archaeological contexts"--Provided by publisher.

Corporate Authors: Eastern Mediterranean metallurgy and metalwork in the second millennium BC Nicosia, Cyprus)
Other Authors: Kassianidou, Vasiliki., Papasavvas, Gio„rgos., Muhly, James David.
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Language: English
Published: Oxford : Oxbow Books, 2012.
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Table of Contents:
  • Reminiscences: working with Jim Muhly / R. Maddin
  • Late bronze age copper production in Cyprus from a mining geologists perspective / G. Constantinou
  • Metallurgical production and trade on bronze age Cyprus: views and variations / A.B. Knapp
  • Pyrgos-Mavrorachi in Cypriot metallurgy / M.R. Belgiorno, D. Ferro and D.R. Loepp
  • Tinker, tailor, farmer, miner: metals in the late bronze age economy at Kalavasos / A.K. South
  • Standing on ceremony: the metallurgical finds from Maroni-Vournes, Cyprus / R. Doonan, G. Cadogan, and D. Sewell
  • From regional gateway to Cypriot kingdom: copper deposits and copper routes in the chora of paphos / M. Iacovou
  • The role of the apliki mine region in the post c. 1400 bc copper production and trade networks in Cyprus
  • And in the wider Mediterranean / N.H. Gale and Z.A. Stos-Gale
  • "Reconstructing" the Enkomi Tombs (British excavations): an instructive exercise / D. Pilides
  • Metallurgy and metalwork in Enkomi: the early phases / V. Kassianidou
  • The Enkomi cup: Niello versus Kuwano / A. Giumlia-Mair
  • Profusion of Cypriot copper abroad, dearth of bronzes at home: a paradox in late bronze age cyprus / G. Papasavvas VI
  • Cyprus and crete: the transformation of the minoan metalworking industry / P. Betancourt
  • Metallurgy and metalworking in the harbour town of Knossos at Poros-Katsambas / N. Dimopoulou
  • Cyprus and Sardinia, beyond the oxhide ingots / F. Lo Schiavo
  • On the cessation of local copper production in the Aegean in the 2nd millennium BC / Y. Bassiakos and T. Tselios
  • Late bronze age Alalakh and Cyprus: a relationship of metals? / A.K. Yener
  • The evidence for metallurgical workshops of the 2nd millennium in Ugarit / E. Dardaillon
  • The merchants of Ugarit: oligarchs of the late bronze age trade in metals? / C. Bell
  • A unique casting mould from the new excavations at Timna Site 30 (Israel): evidence of western influence? / E. Ben-Yosef
  • New perspectives on iron age copper production and society in the Faynan Region, Jordan / T. Levy, E. Ben-Yosef and M. Najjar
  • Alloying and resource management in New Kingdom Egypt: the bronze industry at Qantir Pi-Ramesse and its relationship to Egyptian copper sources / T. Rehren and E.B. Pusch
  • On ancient tin, its sources and trade: further comments / V.C. Pigott
  • Just a few rusty bits: the innovation of iron in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC 237 / H.A. Veldhuijzen.