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Environment and natural resource conservation and management in Mozambique

This is an eloquent, engaged and extremely well informed narrative of the environmental and natural resource conservation and management issues in Mozambique. While the topics in this volume are diverse, they are all explicitly designed to move beyond the routinized blame of natural resource mismana...

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Main Author: Mawere, Munyaradzi.
Format: Electronic
Language: English
Published: Oxford : Langaa RPCIG, 2013.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Table of Contents; Preface; Guide to the Reader; Chapter 1. Situating Mozambique's Natural ResourceManagement in Historical Context; Introduction; Research Question; Legislations Passed for the Management of Natural Resources during the Colonial Era; Natural Resource Management after Independence; Natural Resource Management Trend in Mozambique Since 1992; Conclusion; Chapter 2. Environmental Malpractices in Mozambique; Introduction; Background to the Study Problem; Research Objectives; Geographical Description of the Study Area.
  • Methodological IssuesResults and Discussions; Possible Causes and Impacts of Environmenta lMalpractices in Xai-xai Rural Area:; Confronting the Jeopardy: The Way Forward; Conclusion; Chapter 3. Green Revolution Program (GRP) in Mozambique: Rethinking the Impact of Mozambique's Fast-Track Green Revolution Program on the Environment and Biodiversity; Introduction; What is Green Revolution?; The Background, History and Principles of Mozambican Green Revolution Program; The GRP and Its Problems in Mozambique; MGRP and Its Impact on Non-human Animal Rights.
  • The Impact of MGRP on the Physical EnvironmentConclusion; Introduction; Chapter 4. Gold Panning In Central Mozambique: A Critical Investigation Of The Effects Of Gold Panning In Manica Province; Background and Historical Overview Of Gold Panning in Manica; Research Questions and Methodological Issues; Discussion Based on Field Observations and Interviews; Impacts Of Gold Panning In Manica; Negotiating the Problem: Some Recommendations; Conclusions; Chapter 5. Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) in Mozambique; Introduction; Study Objectives; Research Questions.
  • Framework for Considering CBNRMCBNRM Crisis in Mozambique; Conclusion; Chapter 6. 'It's Neither Conservation Nor Preservation'; Introduction; Understanding the Concepts of Dambo and Poverty; Problem Background and Geographical Description of the Study Area; Methodological Issues; Discussion Based on Research Findings; The Way Forward for Dambo Utilization in Chokwe: Some Recommendations; Conclusion; Chapter 7. Small-Scale Cash Income Sources in Central Mozambique; Introduction; Theoretical Framework
  • Sustainable Livelihoods; Dombe Case Study: Competing Resource Uses; Methodological Issues.
  • Discussion Based On Research FindingsChallenges for Addressing Problems to do With Resource Use; Conclusion; Chapter 8. Unlocking the Crisis; Introduction; The Connecting Thread Cutting Across Conservation Discourse; The Final Word; Back Cover.