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Networks in the Hellenistic world : according to the pottery in the eastern Mediterranean and beyond /

"This volume contains papers presented at the international conference 'Networks in the Hellenistic world - according to the pottery in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond' which took place at the universities of Cologne and Bonn 23rd-26th February 2011. The organizers, all specialis...

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Other Authors: Fenn, Nina, (ed.), Römer-Strehl, Christiane, (ed.)
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: Oxford : Archaeopress, 2013.
Series: BAR international series ; 2539.
Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • Aims of the conference / Nina Fenn & Christine Römer-Strehl
  • Greece. 'Small things remembered': the under-theorized domestic material culture of Hellenistic Greece / D. Graham J. Shipley
  • Bion International: branch pottery workshops in the Hellenistic Aegean / Susan I. Rotroff
  • Handelswege. Das Warenspektrum einer Werkstatt frühhellenistischer Zeit im Demos Kerameis / Norbert Eschbach
  • Reliefkeramik aus dem Athena-Heiligtum von Eretria. Kontakte einer Stadt Euböas zum zentralen und nördlichen Griechenland / Guy Ackermann
  • Western Greece and West Slope pottery: a reversible lid from Chalkis Aitolias / Elizabeth Bollen
  • Die hellenistische Keramik Makedoniens ausserhalb des Landes / Stella Drougou & Ioannis Touratsoglou
  • Hellenistic kantharoi, their production centres and their distribution in the eastern Mediterranean / Chrysanthi Kallini
  • Frühhellenistische Keramik aus Pydna: Hinweise auf regionale und überregionale Kontakte / Zoi Kotitsa
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  • The category of the so called pseudo-Cypriot amphoras and their distribution in Cyprus, Greece and the Black Sea / Lydia-Antonia Trakatelli
  • Attische und attisierende Gefäss- und Verzierungstypen in Demetrias. Ein Produktionsort hellenistischer Keramik im Spiegel seiner Wirtschaftsbeziehungen / Horst Seilheimer
  • Albania. Überblick über die hellenistischen Transportamphoren von Lissos/Albanien / Bashkim Lahi
  • Processus d'imitations dans les productions illyriennes d'époque hellénistique: le cas des lécythes de l'Artémision de Dyrrhachion / Eduard Shehi & Anne Tichit
  • Bitumenrückstände an Keramik aus der griechisch-illyrischen Stadt Apollonia / Manuel Fiedler & Gregor Döhner
  • Greek Island. La céramique hellénistique à Délos: essai de quantification des productions dans le matériel des fouilles de l'Aphrodision de Stèsiléos / Jean-Sébastien Gros
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  • Importations et imitations de céramiques occidentales à Délos à la fin de l'époque hellénistique tardive / Annette Peignard-Giros
  • Turkey. Pottery production in Pergamon - a short overview / Sarah Japp
  • Nets working for Ephesos - using the example of Pergamenian imports in Ephesus during the Roman occupation period / Asuman Lätzer-Lasar
  • Connections near and far: Hellenistic pottery at Phrygian Gordion / Shannan Stewart
  • A pottery kiln underneath the Odeon of ancient Sagalassos. The excavation results, the table wares and their archaeometrical analysis / Jeroen Poblome, Philip Bes, Mark van der Enden, Bert Neyt, Bart de Graeve & Patrick Degryse
  • Cradle of ceramics - the emergence of Eastern Sigillata B in the Hellenistic east / Nina Fenn
  • Cyprus. Cypriot transport amphorae as evidence of the island's trade links during the Hellenistic period / Agata Dobosz
  • Eastern Cyprus and the northern Levantine coast: the ceramic connection / John Lund
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  • Egypt. Something old, something new: native cultures under Ptolemaic rule / Andrea Berlin
  • Céramiques d'Égypte de la fin IVe siècle av. J.-C. au IIIe siècle av. J.-C.: entre tradition et innovation / Sylvie Marchand
  • The eastern Marmarica (NW-Egypt) - pottery production and networking in a semiarid region / Heike Möller & Anna-Katharina Rieger
  • Exchange of polychromatic painting techniques between Egypt and Greece / Isabella Hodgson
  • Levant up to central Asia. Hellenistische Keramik im nordsyrischen Hinterland - Funde vom Dülük Baba Tepesi / Eva Strothenke
  • Überlegungen zur Eastern Sigillata A / Norbert Kramer
  • Hidden in PLAIN sight: ceramic assemblages and daily life in the Ptolemaic Southern Levant / Peter Stone
  • The Hellenistic pottery from Tall Zira'a in northern Jordan - material from a village within the spheres of influence of the Decapolis cities Gadera, Gerasa and Pella / Frauke Kenkel
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  • Hellenistic Pottery from Palmyra: imports and local production in a city between cultural and political frontiers / Christiane Römer-Strehl
  • Vaisselle hellénistique à Europos-Doura: importations et productions locales / Françoise Alabe
  • Pottery imports to Hellenistic Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates / Heather Jackson & John Tidmarsh
  • The dynamics of exchange and Innovation in the oasis city of Merv / Gabriele Puschnigg
  • La céramique hellénistique en Asie centrale / Bertille Lyonnet
  • Perspectives. Hellenistic pottery in a wider perspective - on the use and misuse of the application of network theory to material culture / Stefan Riedel
  • Concluding remarks / Nina Fenn & Christine Römer-Strehl.